7 best ECommerce POS systems to Sell Omnichannel Easily
2 April, 2024 by
Tanseer Ahmed

An omnichannel strategy has become increasingly important for eCommerce sellers everywhere, since there are more touchpoints to meet customers than ever. However, this makes managing all sales channels harder for store owners.

To effectively track orders, update inventory, and stay ahead in all sales seasons, a reliable eCommerce POS system is a must.

In this post, you will find all the best POS tools with their suitable platforms to help you get into the action. From Shopify to Magento, wherever you are selling, you will find exactly what you need.

What is an eCommerce POS?

What is an eCommerce POS?

Ecommerce Point of Sale (POS) system is an integrated digital platform to manage all online retail transactions. With a single and simplified interface, the POS system helps store owners process online sales, manage inventory, and keep track of client information.

Simply put, a quality POS system can help eCommerce businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

Importance of eCommerce POS systems for an effective omnichannel strategy

Here are the benefits of using a POS system for your online stores:

  • Inventory management: The system helps keep track of products and update inventory automatically whenever a purchase happens, even in multiple locations. 
  • Payment methods: You can easily accept various (and increasingly) popular mobile payment options, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Website integration: An eCommerce POS system can integrate with your website and even accounting software to simplify all business financials.
  • Customer management: The system helps collect customer information with emails, phone numbers, and purchase preferences for further marketing purposes to foster loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • Employee management: You can also track employee progress to see who is performing well with sales numbers.

7 best eCommerce POS systems to manage all your omnichannel sales

best eCommerce POS systems to manage all your omnichannel sales

1. Magestore POS for Shopify — most affordable POS for Shopify


With the growing needs of small and medium eCommerce businesses, Magestore introduced a powerful and most affordable POS system for Shopify. Understanding the costs of POS devices that can turn away small businesses or startups, Magestore POS for Shopify is a solution that runs directly on any devices that merchants have, such as a desktop or a tablet.

You can make selling in store simpler by connecting and syncing Magestore POS systems with your Shopify store, then immediately manage the existing inventory or any loyalty programs running.

Magestore POS for Shopify has a Lite plan of only $15 per month for single-store businesses and a Standard plan of $50/month for many-location businesses. You will have a 30-day trial to experience its features.


Notable features of Magestore POS for Shopify include:

  • Checkout orders quickly with simple steps
  • Manage inventory for one-store or multi-store locations with ease
  • Use for multiple POS machines per location
  • Can run on multiple devices like tablets and PCs
  • Can print receipts
  • Can refund orders
  • Create omnichannel loyalty programs for customers
  • Provide unlimited payment methods
  • Can integrate with online shipping methods
    Manage staff and their roles

Pros & Cons

Simple user interfaceRequire some specific steps to install the POS but Magestore experts will guide you through the process
Seamless integration with Shopify
Onboard and supported by Magestore specialists

No hidden fees

Affordable pricing starts at only $15/month
30-day free trial

2. Magestore Magento POS — best POS for Magento


With a large eCommerce business, the sales number can be very high, especially with an omnichannel strategy. More than 10 years of experience have helped Magestore come up with the best POS solution for such Magento stores to manage all business needs and deliver a seamless in-store experience.

More than 10,000 merchants have trusted Magestore POS systems to process payments daily, manage customers, inventory, and orders across locations, and rely on omnichannel reports to understand their business performance.

Not just that, Magestore also provides personalized solutions for businesses so you can create, run, and grow your Magento store with full confidence. You will be able to sell online, offline, or anywhere since the system is browser-based, meaning no complicated process of installation or setting up. Besides, their POS software can smoothly integrate with most popular hardware and multiple software like Amazon, eBay, Zoho, QuickBooks, Salesforce, etc. to expand the functionalities.

Magestore Magento POS is one-time payment. When your organization grows, you won’t have to pay extra costs for additional products, users, and devices. Magestore makes sure to provide professional support with a dedicated team.


Notable features of Magestore Magento POS include:

  • Create and process orders in seconds
  • Sync inventory, orders, and customer data across channels and locations in real time
  • Manage inventory from all stores and warehouses in a single dashboard
  • Run omnichannel loyalty programs with rewards points, store credits, gift cards
  • Provide real-time data for reporting
  • Support multiple payment methods: cash, credit card, debit card, split payment, buy now pay later, etc.
  • Offer customer-facing display and self-checkout mode
  • Sell on any browser or device
  • Create orders even without an internet connection
Endless customization with Magestore experts supportA powerful system that requires a couple of hours to get acquainted.
Robust system to manage thousands of orders daily

Up to date with the latest Magento version
Unlimited users and devices
Seamless integration with other software
One-time pay to save costs in the long run

3. Shopify POS — native POS system for Shopify sellers


Shopify POS is a popular eCommerce POS system for Shopify users. Merchants can use the system to sell online and in person, either during an event or in a brick-and-mortar location. Shopify POS also helps you handle multichannel sales and connect inventory from many stores. You should buy devices from Shopify to run this POS system smoothly.


Notable features of Shopify POS include:

  • Manage the checkout process easily for both customers and staff
  • Manage inventory with recommendations based on sales data
  • Sync order, customer, and inventory data from all locations
  • Link with social media and digital marketplaces
  • Customize software for personalized needs
  • Manage staff to track performance
  • Create many reports on Shopify
  • Connect with tools on Shopify stores

Pros & Cons

Simple navigationNo customization

Easy to useNo offline mode
No free plan
Can’t work on PCs

Hardware costs can be pricey.

4. Square POS — POS system for startup businesses


Square POS is a popular choice for Square users since the whole system can be used with just a tablet or smartphone through the provided software. Square is made by SquareSpace — a well-known eCommerce platform for small and low-volume businesses. If you have more advanced needs, there are more paid plans with numerous integrations.


Notable features of Square POS include:

  • Accept payment via credit card, contactless payment, transfer, and gift cards, even in offline mode 
  • Process refunds from transactions
  • Can run personalized marketing and loyalty programs
  • Provide local delivery, curbside pickup, and shipping
  • Work on tablets and mobiles
  • Customize the interface to access frequently used items
  • Compatible with other platforms
  • Suitable for many official add-ons from Square

Pros & Cons

A free plan to useHigher fees for bigger stores
Good user interfaceOccasional fund hold
Many features are add-ons and can underperform at times.

Can’t work offline

5. Hike POS — a cloud-based POS system for BigCommerce


Hike POS is an excellent choice if you are thinking of a third-party POS system because your BigCommerce platform doesn’t provide one. The system is cloud-based to help you create up to 100 point of sale locations, not to mention integrated with many other marketplaces. Hike POS is an all-in-one POS solution that is powerful, but also can be a bit pricey


Notable features of Hike POS include:

  • Support up to 101+ locations
  • Sync all store’s data in one place
  • Include an appointment booking system
  • Support many accounting, payments, and marketing apps
  • Use on PC, iPad, or any tablet device

Pros & Cons

An all-in-one product
Multiple store management and advanced data reporting require a higher pricing plan.
Designed for mobility with many locationsNo integration with Magento or Shopify at the lowest-pricing plan
Provide read-to-use devicesSubscription pricing can get pretty high if you have many locations and registers.

6. Wix POS — POS system for businesses on Wix


Wix is no stranger to eCommerce merchants since it is one of the most affordable solutions to build websites quickly. The POS system from Wix appeared in 2021 through a partnership with Stripe for payment processing and HP for hardware. With official POS devices, Wix users can seamlessly connect the system with their website and start accepting purchases from customers.


Notable features of Wix POS include:

  • Integrate with Wix websites
  • Provide an official Wix Payments solution
  • Manage teams with roles and permissions
  • Manage multichannel inventory

Pros & Cons

Seamless integration with Wix productsNo third-party integration options
Great UX UI designLimited feature sets
Extra hardware cost for devices such as Barcode scanner, Card reader, or Receipt printer

May not be cost-friendly for small businesses
Only available in the US and Canada

7. WePOS — Point of Sale system for WooCommerce users


WooCommerce is a highly popular eCommerce platform for WordPress users but doesn’t provide an official POS system. WePOS is a point of sale plugin that WooCommerce users can use to provide multiple check-out features for your online shoppers.


Notable features of WePOS include:

  • Manage purchases on multiple carts at once
  • Customize cashier’s access to protect privacy
  • Include tax calculation
  • Include receipt builder
  • Support custom barcode
  • Support unlimited customers

Pros & Cons

Well-designed user interfaceSuitable only for WooCommerce
Affordable pricing with a generous free planUnlimited counters feature is only available at higher pricing plans.
Good speed since the system is based on Rest APILack of live support
Limited hardware support
Lack of offline mode

The Bottom Line

By addressing the challenges of a retail store about processing payments, managing inventory, satisfying customers, and growing businesses, a good POS system can make the difference between successful and losing buyers at the most important step — checkout. And at EWall we make sure all the process are done right and we are always available for any kind of customizations or  developments on your ecommerce POS system, contact us today. 

To choose the best POS for your business, we recommend you assess its integration with your eCommerce platform, business requirements, budget, and future plan. Through this article, we hope that you can find a suitable POS solution to elevate the power of your eCommerce platform.

Tanseer Ahmed 2 April, 2024
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