Personalize Your Odoo with EWall's Base Personalization App
13 March, 2024 by
Tanseer Ahmed

Take Ownership: Personalize Your Odoo with EWall Base Personalized

Ever felt Odoo looked a little... generic? we understand that. That's why we developed EWall’s Base Personalized, an innovative Odoo application designed to put your company's unique stamp on your ERP system.

What is Base Personalized?

This user-friendly app allows you to effortlessly personalize default Odoo data associated with your company. Out-of-the-box, Odoo displays generic company information. EWall Base Personalized empowers you to change that. Replace generic names with your company name, logo, and contact details. This simple step goes a long way in creating a professional and branded user experience for your team members.

Key Features

  • Company Data Customization: Update default company information like name, address, email, phone number, and logo throughout the Odoo interface.
  • Enhanced Branding: Promote brand recognition by incorporating your logo and color scheme into the Odoo system.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Create a more familiar and comfortable work environment for your employees by personalizing the Odoo interface.
  • Simple & Efficient: The application boasts an intuitive interface, allowing for quick and easy customization.

Benefits of Personalization:


Present a polished and branded image to your team members, fostering a sense of pride and ownership.

Improved User Experience

A personalized interface makes Odoo more familiar and user-friendly for your employees.

Increased Adoption

By customizing Odoo with your branding, you can encourage wider user adoption within your organization. 

Ready to Take Control?

Invest in EWall Base Personalized today! Transform your generic Odoo into a branded and personalized system that reflects your company's unique identity. Visit the Odoo App Store now to learn more and purchase the application:

EWall's Base Personalized: Make Odoo your own! 

Debranding at it's best with EWall's

Base Personalization Custom Application for Odoo

Tanseer Ahmed 13 March, 2024
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