Case Study: A Custom Project Management System for Interior Design Firms / Construction Firms
4 July, 2024 by
Tanseer Ahmed

Customized Project Management System for Construction/Interior designing Firm

This case study explores a project management system by EWall Solutions designed to address the specific needs of interior design firms. This customized project management system empowers these businesses to efficiently manage multiple projects, ensuring meticulous control over Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and fostering seamless collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. 

"In the construction and design industries, both companies and their clients often incur losses due to fixed costs on a daily basis. The primary objective of this project is to minimize or eliminate these losses for both parties and to provide a robust system for tracking daily progress. By implementing this project management solution by EWall, we aim to enhance efficiency, reduce unnecessary expenses, and ensure seamless project execution"

Challenges Faced by Construction/Interior Design Firms

Interior design projects involve a multitude of intricate tasks, materials, and personnel. Traditionally, managing these projects relied on spreadsheets or siloed software solutions, leading to:

  • Inefficient Task Management: Difficulty in creating and tracking a hierarchical structure of main tasks and subtasks within a project.
  • Inaccurate BOQ Control: Challenges in maintaining precise control over material allocation and stock levels, potentially leading to overspending or material shortages.
  • Limited Collaboration: Communication gaps between project managers, designers, and on-site personnel.
  • Manual Processes: Time-consuming manual data entry and progress tracking.

EWall’s PMS for Design/Construction Industries:

 A Comprehensive Solution

Our Project management system tackles these challenges head-on by providing a user-friendly platform with a robust set of features:

Project Creation and Management: Create and manage multiple projects with clear definitions of scope,

Task Breakdown Structure: Break down each project into a detailed hierarchy of main tasks and subtasks, ensuring clarity and facilitating efficient execution.

Benefit's of our PMS on the client's business

  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) Management: Create and manage BOQs within projects, meticulously allocating required materials to each subtask.
  • Stock Management: Maintain accurate stock levels by tracking material allocation and usage throughout the project lifecycle. This customized PMS prevents material shortages by alerting users when stock levels are insufficient.
  • Real-Time Task Progress Tracking: Track the progress of individual tasks and subtasks in real-time, providing valuable insights into project health and facilitating timely decision-making.
  • User-Friendly Interface: EWall's PMS boasts a user-friendly interface designed for intuitive navigation and streamlined project management. The system caters to users with varying technical expertise.
  • WhatsApp Integration: "This system leverages WhatsApp integration to send real-time notifications to project managers and supervisors about task status updates, material requests, and project milestones. This streamlines communication and ensures everyone remains informed."


  • User Login:
    -Users log in to the PMS dashboard.
  • Accessing BOQ:
    -From the dashboard, users navigate to the BOQ section via the shortcut menu.
  • Creating a New BOQ:
    -Users click "Add BOQ" and enter the necessary project details.
    -After saving, the project appears in the list.
  • Adding Tasks:
    -In the "Task Details" section of the project, users can add main tasks.
    -For each main task, users can add subtasks by entering specific details.
  • Allocating Items and Manpower:
    -Subtasks include fields for assigning items and specifying the quantity required.
    -The system checks if the items are available in stock.
    -Users also enter the number of manpower required for each subtask.
  • Managing and Updating Tasks:
    -Subtasks can be edited and updated as needed.
    -Multiple subtasks can be added under each main task, and multiple main tasks can be created for a single BOQ.
  • Record Maintenance:
    -Creating a BOQ adds a record in the "Projects" section.
    -Creating main and sub-tasks adds corresponding records in the "Tasks"       section.


Now Let's see the detailed step by step structure of the customized PMS we provided for the client in Construction/design industry

Item Creations

Project & Task 


Additional Request 


BOQ Creation

Task Process

WhatsApp Template Management




BOQ Creation





This stands as a powerful project management solution designed to cater to the specific needs of constructions or design firms. By offering a comprehensive set of features and functionalities, EWall’s PMS empowers these businesses to enhance project efficiency, improve communication, and ultimately deliver successful projects within budget and on time. 

PMS in Construction/Design Industry is Not a Myth Anymore! 

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Tanseer Ahmed 4 July, 2024
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