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4 August, 2022 by
Tanseer Ahmed

Odoo ERP: Enterprise resource planning software, such as the Odoo ERP system, is utilized throughout the whole organization to manage business activities. Odoo offers useful business apps that are seamlessly connected and may be merged to create an ERP system. 

The Enterprise edition of the open-source program Odoo is offered with SaaS subscription pricing, as well as the Community edition, which is free.

Odoo CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management (HRM), accounting, warehouse management, and point of sale are all included in the full corporate application suite known as Odoo. 

The Odoo CRM module is specially made for effectively managing both current and potential clients. Businesses can monitor all of their leads and opportunities in one place, manage them as they go from one stage to another, and evaluate the outcomes.

Business managers and sales representatives can track their prospects with the Odoo CRM module and compile the necessary data in one central area. Additionally, Odoo CRM lessens the workload of business partners and provides them with access to easily segmentable and attractively displayed data.

Why Business should embrace Odoo?

The corporation needs to have a very clear understanding of its clients in order to meet the organization's sales challenges. It's important to comprehend your new normal, comprehend how your demands are affected, and keep an eye on how your purchasing habits are changing. 

To bring everything together, it will be necessary to rely even more on the available customer data. As a result, more and more businesses nowadays rely on all-encompassing management platforms to run their operations.

Although the needs of the business are constantly changing, they nonetheless require any one of the common rooftop solutions to control and defend all of their solutions simultaneously.

Odoo is a game-changer in this regard because it automates corporate processes while also providing real-time information on other operations like accounting,  manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing, and human resources (HR). As a result, people spend less time looking for the information they need, which reduces costs and increases productivity.

About Odoo ERP

Open source business management software called Odoo ERP is very user-friendly, completely integrated, and simple to upgrade. Additionally, Odoo is a one-stop shop for all freelancers, businesses, and MNCs because it allows you to easily manage all business operations as well as develop and customize the complete application.

The majority of businesses alter the Odoo application and make a profit by selling it through the Odoo app store or Odoo store. Odoo is the open-source ERP software with the performance and accessibility that every business requires, thanks to a sizable developer community devoted to bug fixes and ongoing improvements in performance and security.

Different ways Odoo ERP optimizes Business process

One Stop Solutions: Since there are more than 20k applications for Odoo available on the AppStore, which offer answers for practically all of the difficulties with Odoo, it serves as a one-stop shop for all enterprises. Even if there isn't one already, a lot of programmers and companies, like EWall, can create solutions for Odoo modules and publish them on the app store!

Cost Efficient: The ability of Odoo ERP systems to cut costs for your firm in a variety of ways is one of their most important value propositions. Companies can reduce mistakes and the need for more staff in the long run as their organization expands by automating repetitive processes. And with cloud ERP, businesses can quickly see how the software adds value above and beyond what they are already paying for

Platform Customization:  This is one of the most lauded features of Odoo because it is open source, allowing anyone to adapt the platforms to their needs. Additionally, you may link the platform with other third-party programs like Whatsapp or WooCommerce, thanks to its API.

Faster Upgrade with the open source model: Since Odoo Community is open source, anyone can access the source code. Within the fundamental core, it enables developers to make their own applications.

If a certain solution is not included by default in the native Odoo functionality, programmers have access to the tools needed to design it. Customers can use the community-created applications.

What does Odoo CRM have to offer?

Odoo CRM is only a customer relationship management system. Customized activity scheduling options for calls, meetings, emails, presentations, and more are offered by Odoo CRM. From visits, web pages visited, emails written, or information provided in-store, the sales team receives instantaneous and immediate access to information about the created opportunity. 

This module's key features include the ability to follow up with clients throughout the entire process, obtain sales projections, plan activities, and manage operations in real-time.

How does Odoo CRM benefit the companies?

  • Centralized web-based system
  • Operates on dynamic platforms such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops.
  • Encourages bulk mailing.
  • Seamless integration of third-party applications like VoIP calls and Google Calendar.
  • No data loss because the application is cloud-based.
  • Management of several contacts

Advantages of Odoo for businesses

  • Multiple activities can be carried out using centralized reports from a single application.
  • Reduces time and all possible errors.
  • Enhances the customer support procedure.
  • Maximizes revenue from each sale.
  • At a glance, all the information you need
  • It is more affordable than other ERPs
  • Completely adaptable to the requirements of your company.
  • Improves communication
  • Reduce email time by using the available automated responses.
  • Promotes automatically on social networks

Important features of Odoo ERP & CRM

You may greatly enhance your business's accounting, Complete CRM, Human resource management, manufacturing, purchasing, and inventory management functions from a single application. Let's take a quick look at each of these features or modules that are available on the Odoo CRM.

CRM: Odoo CRM follows up with all of your potential customers completely. All the data about your international clients can be kept in one location. It provides access to all pertinent information from a single information panel, including websites, emails, and more. Check out the basics of Odoo CRM

PoS: Without demanding technical knowledge, installing a point of sale is simple with Odoo. For instance, using tablet applications will allow you to manage your online store, inventory, and other tasks even if you don't have internet connectivity at the time. Check out the basics of Odoo Pos 

Sales: Odoo sales facilitate effective selling, enhance seller-to-seller contact, and handle all orders from your app. Direct delivery to the customer, agreement on the specifics, and acceptance and payment by the customer on the platform itself are all possible. You can make a sales quotation here, email it to the client for approval, and confirm the sales order for further action. Check out the basics of Odoo Sales 


Inventory: You can add an inventory item here and check to see whether a product is available. You can also see if the product is in stock. The key advantage of the inventory is that you can process orders for delivery, returns, Pos, manufacturing, and dropshipping here. Check out the basics of Odoo Inventory 

Accounting: The Odoo platform provides a dependable accounting module with a wide range of tools to handle assets, liabilities, or funds. The module also covers the billing facets of maintaining the chart of accounts for the business.

Billing: An invoice will be generated by Odoo's online billing system automatically based on sales, deliveries, contracts, delivery notes, time, and updated data for each record. Additionally, you may maintain tabs on all transactions and pending and paid invoices.

The Bottom Line

Odoo ERP has outpaced rival ERPs in terms of growth, with close to 7 to 10 million users worldwide. Because of its customizable options, Odoo ERP is used by all small and medium-sized businesses. EWall is well renowned for allowing developers to change practically all of the modules in Odoo in accordance with customer specifications. As requested by the client, we adapt and construct the Odoo ERP & CRM solutions.

Tanseer Ahmed 4 August, 2022
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