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8 January, 2023 by
EWall Support

Case Study: EWall Solutions Develops

Background: Our client approached EWall Solutions with the goal of creating a comprehensive platform for students interested in studying in France. They wanted a one-stop destination where students could find information and resources on all aspects of the study abroad process.

Solution: EWall Solutions developed, an all-in-one platform that empowers students to make informed decisions about studying in France. The platform features a custom CMS built with Strapi, a frontend developed with Gatsbyjs, and a custom blog also built with Strapi. The "Ask me" section of the platform is powered by NodeBB, and the entire site is designed with custom integration.

To ensure a seamless and agile process, EWall Solutions utilized our PMS (Project Management System) throughout the development process. The tech stack for the project included React Js, Node Js, TypeScript, Graphql API, MongoDB, and Git Repo. The site is hosted on AWS Cloud.

Result: is now a go-to resource for students considering studying in France. The platform provides all the necessary information and resources in one place, making the process of researching and planning for studying abroad easier for students. EWall Solutions is proud to have contributed to the success of this project and the empowerment of students.

EWall Support 8 January, 2023
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